From the recording Return of the Artisan

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You sleep a lonely sleep
The day has passed you by
Your dreams of innocence
Were you once this sweet young child?
You had it all, you walked so tall
You were the future of your father's hopes and dreams

Once more the day breaks through and all your fears subside
You search for answers for the fears you keep inside
So many questions, so much unknown
Is it the fear of the darkness or the fear of being alone?

And as the walls close in, the fear runs down your spine
and then the nightmare starts; I was once that frightened child
and as the door slams shut your heart begins to pound
you sweat you hope you pray for day to come around

You're just a lonely man - fear of being alone
And no one understands because no one really knows
You live in shame, no one to blame
No one to help you through your nightmares

As you switch on the light the darkness falls away
And you convince yourself the night has turned to day
But as the hours tick by your eyes begin to burn
In just a matter of time the sandman will return