More Than progressive”


Rise Of The Artisan


Final Conflict; formed in 1985 and much heralded purveyors of the 1980’s neo prog age, return with the second instalment of The Artisan trilogy.

Following on from the highly successful 2012 release “Return Of The Artisan” the “Rise Of The Artisan” continues to tell the story of the quest for fame and artistic recognition in the dystopian wilderness of the social media age. 

Essentially the band has retained its trademark dual vocals and twin guitars coupled with soaring keyboards and pianos, melodic bass and driving drums. With a stunning analogue mix the 10 tracks unfold embracing the listener who becomes as one with The Artisan. 


Rise Of The Artisan. Chapter 1: Success

The title track opens the show (literally) and is over 9 minutes long with a heady mix of vocals, piano, Hammond organ, guitar and keyboard solo’s, and wonderful backing vocals supplied by guest female artists. Truly breath-taking!

Life #1. Chapter 2: Sacrifice & ambition

 Opens with a heartfelt message soulfully delivered vocally with multi layered harmonies that grow into the track hook line. Classic FC trademark guitars and dual vocals follow culminating in the high energy conclusion

A Clockwork Echo. Chapter 3: Reflection

Can you see? A haunting intro and solo vocal develop into a lyrical story of memories of puerility. Melodic verses power into the chorus demonstrating the light and shade of the band emotions. Fanfare keys introduce the ultimate hook line before a guitar solo finally screams into life. 

Stop & Stare. Chapter 4: Adulation

Strong bass and key opener with a guitar riff and solo that encompasses the dynamic of this track. Multiple vocal melodies and piano passages, heavy guitar and synth riff explain that it really is OK to stop and stare

A River Of Dreams. Chapter 5: Contemplation

Acoustic driven track including twin vocals and a vintage analogue feel. Stunning key’s passage and huge guitar solo leave a lasting sense of the drama that is unfolding.

Four Domains. Chapter 6: Contradiction

A rhythmic fusion of bass and drums take this track into a different direction as a solitary domain interrupts and asks the question “Is it you or is it me?”. Opening into a wide space the drama continues with lush keyboard passages that wrap around the vocal performances. A guitar solo crashes into a different domain where twin vocals portray the anger and regret of a shattered delusion

This Pulse. Chapter 7: Anxiety

A piano and vocal tracked melody lead into a guitar riff aided by a pulsating drum and bass line. Driving through passages of symphonic sequencers the robotic pulsing of the rhythm section and ever-changing vocal melodies make for hypnotic listening. 

Lights. Chapter 8: Conspiracy

A huge guitar led introduction, moog keys and stunning dynamics take centre stage. Twin vocals alternate between verses with question and answer delivery. Harmony guitars add colour with a lyrical content pleading for us to “look at the World that we create”. Soaring razor sharp key’s make way for the final vocal message.

The Door. Chapter 9: Indecision

Beautiful swirling piano’s and strings, pure guitar and vocal harmonies all held together by a bass and drum collective, this song offers the perfect reflection of melody and dynamics delivered as the penultimate album track. 

Breaking The Cycle. Chapter 10: Prelude

The Rise is over. The fall has begun.






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The Artisan will Rise again

Formed in 1985 the band’s debut album was Channel 8 released in 1987, closely followed by “The Time Has Arrived” in 1989. These were released on the band’s own Future Records label. They then signed to GAIA records label and released “Redress The Balance” in 1991, followed by the concept album “Quest” in 1992.The band then signed to Angular records in Germany and in October 1997 the next album “Stand Up” was released.

In 2002 the band invested in its own “Gaolhouse” recording studio, which has been used for all of the subsequent records. The 4th CD album “Hindsight” was released on the bands own Gaolhouse label at the end of 2003 further enhancing the band musical talents.

Final Conflict then started work on the next album “Simple”. A celebration of 21 years making progressive music, it features completely new recordings of the highlights from the first two cassettes and CD albums, along with new material intended for release in 2005. “Simple” was sadly delayed due to the unfortunate death of long-time drummer Chris Moyden. His loss was a great blow to F.C both personally and musically.

“Simple” was eventually released in December 2006 to widespread critical acclaim and features all the F.C trademarks – Twin vocals and guitar work – the progressive and melodic keyboards – the intricate yet solid interplay of bass guitar and drums – the exciting melodic arrangements. F.C believes that “Simple” embodies the musical and artistic and technical development of the band that has been aptly dubbed “More than Progressive”.

Over the last 35 years F.C have gigged extensively both in the UK and abroad, and continue to generate an increasingly substantial fan base both in the live arena and through their back catalogue of albums and singles, via Facebook and the band’s official website (

F.C’s success was acknowledged in 2007, when they were nominated in 5 categories at The Classic Rock Society’s BOTY awards. They were voted second best band and also received rave reviews for their powerful live shows. In 2008, at the same awards, they were presented with the MD’s award by Steve Hackett of Genesis. February 23rd 2009 saw the release of FC's first live DVD and CD. They are grateful to Metal Minds Productions for providing them with the opportunity to do this. The DVD & CD are entitled “Another Moment in Time”

2012 saw the release on Gaolhouse Records of the now critically acclaimed concept album "Return Of The Artisan", the first of a three-part trilogy telling the story of the breathing entity that is the cloaked figure of the Artisan

The brand-new album Rise Of The Artisan is available January 2020. Born again.......................

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