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Final Conflict are an internationally acclaimed Progressive Rock band based in Stoke-On-Trent, in the heart of The Potteries. Formed in 1985 by founder members Andy Lawton and Brian Donkin, F.C have established their own distinctive style of music and have been recognised for this worldwide. The band’s line up of experienced musicians features the dual guitar and vocals of Andy Lawton and Brian Donkin, the magical keyboard skills of Steve Lipiec, the epic Barry Elwood on the bass guitar and the very talented Eden Longson on drums & percussion.

The Lady has returned! With lockdown restrictions in place, FC have been busy writing new material for the next Album release provisionally entitled “The Artisan Legacy” In addition to this the band also looked at the collection of 1980’s and 1990’s master tapes that have been stored at The Gaolhouse for many years. Following a successful tape restoration and conversion to discrete .wav files FC have revisited several tracks and will make them available as a free download. First up is a track from the 1992 album Quest. “Older Lady” includes the original recordings with new bass from Baz Elwood and guitar and keys updates. Listen to Chris Moyden’s drums in all their analogue glory whilst Brian hits vocal notes that will make your ears bleed!! It’s been emotional listening back and we hope that you enjoy the reissue of a classic track. Head over to the discography page for your free download

FC are currently busy working on the final chapter of the Artisan trilogy which will further explore the characters journey and expand on the Return and RISE releases. Titled "The Artisan Legacy" the new material will again see the established songwriting and authentic sound crafted over the last 35 years.

In the meantime a video of Life#1 is now available to view on Youtube. Follow the link below and enjoy.

All FC music is now also available to stream on all major streaming services. 

FC are proud to announce that the Artisan has returned and will rise again throughout the land.

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Rise Of The Artisan

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Ready for 2020 release. Free title track download availableheading

Full track listing

Full album track listing

Wow! 10 days of final mixing for “Rise Of The Artisan” is now complete. Matt Ball is an absolute genius with Pro Tools and has made the songs sound awesome. Stay tuned for the full official track listing and further release date details. It’s finally on folks

Gigger at The Rigger free live track download available now to all mailing members. Download and listen to FC in all of their power and glory. Go to the discography page now. Simple!!
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