1. The Mechanic

From the recording Return of the Artisan

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If you venture down the backstreets you wont know what you will find
theres a certain kind of magic that the world has left behind
lurking in the darkness never seen by light of day
music is his lifeblood he knows no other way
He turns to the mechanicTo guide him to the light
he knows what he believes in hes ready for the fight
but the mechanics not the right one to bring him to his fame
disillusioned, not defeated he fights on all the same.

Come to me now
When your name is called out
Stand in his shadow
Join in the roundabout
Come to me now
Let me see what you can do
Are you the one
Who will make my dreams come true?

What did you say to me?
What did you do?
I listened and then put my faith all in you
But the plans that I made have all withered and died
I lost all my spirit when I found that you'd lied
The songs were all finished
The tunes were all played
But you told me the limelight had all been mislaid
I know I'm not a mechanic like you
But for once I hoped that the stories were true

Sorry sir, I cant help you - you're not the one I'm looking for
The answers that you're seeking lie behind some other door
I take them and I make them. I build them up from scratch
If the public doesn't like them I build another batch.
There must be someone for you out there but its not me
Another sponsor, another mentor another opportunity
Or go back where you came from back where you belong
Persevere and hope that success will come along

Go away now
You've failed in your task
The magic was missing
You couldn't do what I ask
Come back next time
When you've mastered my art
I dont want to hear your soul
I dont want to hear your heart